Raju Kunjummen is the Chair of the Bible and Theology Department at Emmaus Bible College. He grew up wanting to be a scientist and switched to the study of the Bible while preparing for a career as a Biochemist. Raju still likes science although his main love is the biblical text in Greek and Hebrew. He has studied at the University of Minnesota, Grace Theological Seminary, and UCLA. He enjoys teaching the Word in all kinds of contexts and being both in the academic world and in needy areas overseas. Raju is committed to real life application of the teaching of Scripture and to training interpreters.

Posted by JJ Routley

Professor of archaeology, Bible, and theology at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa. Alumni and Emmaus Ministries Director at Emmaus. ThM in Theology from Western Seminary (Portland, OR). Author of the book Eternal Submission: A Biblical and Theological Examination. Husband of Janelle and father of Asher and Lillian. Blog: jjroutley@wordpress.com Twitter: @JJ_Routley