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JJ Routley‘s Leadership in Joshua Series

  • On Leading and Following

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Part 1 in JJ Routley’s Joshua and Leadership Series. Today’s reading: Joshua 1:1-18. Key verses: Joshua 1:7-9. The book of Joshua begins with a change in leadership for the people of Israel. Moses, the great servant of the Lord (a phrase used to describe how the ancient Israelites talked about their leaders) had died. There is an immediate


  • Leaders, Trust Your Followers

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Part 2 in the Joshua and Leadership Series. Read part 1 here. Today’s reading: Joshua 2:1-24. Key verses: Joshua 2:10-11. Joshua 2 begins with a secret mission when Joshua commissions two Israelite ninjas to sneak over the Jordan and into Jericho to spy out the land. The spies are to gain information that will help the Israelites when they


  • Leadership Lessons from a Prostitute

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Part 3 in JJ Routley’s Leadership in Joshua series. See part 2 here. Today’s reading: Joshua 2:8-21. Key verses: Joshua 2:9-11. Rahab the harlot is an important figure in the book of Joshua for her demonstration of faith in Yahweh as the powerful God who is giving her land to his people. Though her past and vocation are suspect,


  • Where Leaders Come From

    Reading Time: 4 minutes Part 4 in JJ Routley’s Leadership in Joshua series. See part 3 here. Today’s reading: Joshua 3:1-17. Key verse: Joshua 3:7. A big question in the book of Joshua is this: can Joshua measure up to the kind of leader that Moses was? Will Joshua be able to fill Moses’ sandals? Moses was designated as “the servant of the


  • The Best Leaders Learn from the Past to Impact the Future

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Part 5 in JJ Routley’s Leadership in Joshua series. See part 4 here. Today’s reading: Joshua 4:1-24. Key verses: Joshua 4:23-24. At the end of Joshua chapter 3 the entire nation crosses over the Jordan river while the priests hold the ark of the covenant of the Lord in the midst of where the Jordan river had formerly flowed.


  • The Irrationality of Spiritual Leadership

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Part 6 in JJ Routley’s Leadership in Joshua series. See part 5 here. irrational leadership Today’s reading: Joshua 5:1-9. Key verses: Joshua 5:1-2. In today’s passage, the people of Israel had just witnessed an incredible miracle with the crossing of the Jordan river into Canaan. The invasion had begun. The people were excited. The Lord was bringing them at


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